Best Business Management Software’s for Cold Outreach: Top 9 Solutions of 2024

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If you're running cold outreach campaigns at scale, you'll need a few robust business management software's to help you keep everything organized. Successful cold outreach campaigns can result in hundreds/thousands of hot leads and you'll need to keep everything organized to get the best results.

The following 9 solutions will be the mainstay for businesses in 2024 and beyond. 

🥇 Best Overall


HubSpot is a feature-rich and simple-to-use software solution. The free edition is a strong and distinctive alternative because it provides a variety of capabilities not present in other CRMs.

Best for Management


Asana is a project management tool that assists teams in organizing projects & activities into stages, delegating work to team members, & compiling project info onto a single page.

Best for Customer Service


Zendesk specializes on building software for customer engagement, sales, and support. They have an easy-to-use interface and have been created with the user in mind.

If you’re looking to jump on board with a business management software (tailored to cold outreach), it would be a good idea to start researching now.


hubspot logo 1

HubSpot is a feature-packed and easy-to-use software solution for businesses of all sizes. The free version offers a range of features not found in other CRMs, making it a powerful and unique option. It is feature-packed, easy to use, and has no limitations on the free version. The premium plans are more expensive but offer more benefits and flexibility. The workflow feature falls short in terms of providing automation capabilities.


  1. The dashboard is simple and easy to use, with impressive reporting features for a free product.
  2. You can easily track email communications and engagement levels with HubSpot, making it the perfect prospecting and lead management system.
  3. The training materials included with HubSpot are detailed and comprehensive, covering everything from understanding how the software works to creating effective sales letters.
  4. The real-time view of your sales pipeline is fantastic, letting you see exactly where your leads are going and when they’ll be ready to buy.
  5. With unlimited users and up to 1 million contacts on file, HubSpot is one of the most versatile customer relationship management systems.
hubspot features 1


  • The dashboard is simple and intuitive: The dashboard is simple and easy to navigate, even if you don’t have any experience using a CRM.
  • Reporting features are advanced: Having reporting features that are advanced enough for free makes Hubspot an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Email tracking and engagement notifications, rich training materials, a real-time view of the sales pipeline, and more are among the most powerful CRM options on the market.
  • The unlimited users feature is unique: One of the pros of using HubSpot is that there’s a total number of users – which is not found in many other CRMs.
  • There are a lot of integrations available: Not only does Hubspot have integration with Salesforce and other popular platforms, but it also has tons of integrations available, so you can easily connect with third-party services.


  • The free version is not feature-packed: The free version of Hubspot CRM is pretty feature-packed, but it may not be enough for larger businesses or teams.
  • Advanced reporting features: The reporting features in the free version are advanced for a free tool.
  • Limited user feature: It has little user feature – only up to 1 million contacts can use it at once.
  • Expensive: The cost of HubSpot CRM can be costly.


HubSpot CRM pricing is based on the number of contacts in your database and ranges from $200 to $2,000 per month.


asana logo 768x432 1

Asana is a project management software that helps teams manage projects and tasks by organizing them into stages, assigning tasks to team members, and gathering essential project details onto one page. Asana also allows users to create rules which automate everyday tasks like work assignments. By automating processes, Asana increases a team’s velocity. Asana integrates with more than 200 platforms, making it versatile and flexible.


  1. This platform allows users to organize projects by stage, assign tasks to different team members, and aggregate all important project details onto one page. Plus, it integrates with more than 200 platforms, so you can stay connected no matter where you are.
  2. You can also create rules to automate tasks like work assignments, build projects from pre-designed templates and approve the next steps with a click of a button.
  3. Asana is also integrated with Slack, Google Drive, and Jira, making it flexible software in your business management suite.
asana features 768x432 1


  • The platform is easy to use: With its simple and user-friendly interface, Asana is perfect for anyone new to managing their business.
  • Tasks are assigned quickly and easily: Assign tasks speedily and easily with the drag-and-drop feature or create rules for everyday tasks like approving the next steps with a click of a button.
  • Asana saves you time and money: The product has an autosave feature which makes it easy to navigate and use.
  • You can secure relevant information with the comment feature: Comment allows you to ensure relevant information about your task.


  • Complex project management: Projects can be complicated and require a lot of effort to manage effectively.
  • Limited color-coded dashboard: The dashboard is limited in terms of the amount of information displayed in different colors.
  • Limited features: The Asana software has limited features.
  • Cannot be customized: You cannot personalize the Asana software to suit your needs.


Asana offers a free trial with no time limits and limited features, but the premium plan starts at $6 per user per month or $60 annually.


zendesk logo 768x432 1

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds support, sales, and customer engagement software. They have been designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that lets you start quickly. It also allows you to create and manage landing pages, blogs, social media posts, and more with a simple button. The software is designed for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to large enterprises, and is entirely scalable. They allow businesses to have natural conversations with customers without them knowing what’s happening behind the scenes.


  1. This software helps businesses manage their sales and marketing processes, generating leads and opportunities as they happen.
  2. The lead management features of this software allow businesses to contact their leads at crucial moments, ensuring that they’re always kept up to date on potential opportunities.
  3. The pipeline view tools track and score opportunities that will allow businesses to contact their leads in the most effective way possible.
  4. The subscription management features of Zendesk let businesses understand how many customers are engaging with their content, allowing them to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
  5. The expense management features of this software provide a detailed view of all financial information related to your business, making it easy to make informed decisions about where money should be spent.
  6. The inventory management features of Zendesk help businesses keep track of what’s available and in stock, making it easier for them to manage stock levels effectively.
zendesk features 768x432 1


  • Zendesk is user-friendly: Anyone can use Zendesk to sell their products or services.
  • The platform has a wide range of features: You’ll find all the tools to make selling on the platform easy and efficient.
  • It’s affordable and reliable: With its affordable pricing and reliable customer service, Zendesk is an excellent choice for businesses of any size.
  • You can trust that it will help you succeed in your sales goals: The professionals at Zendesk are dedicated to assisting businesses to succeed in their sales goals – so you can be sure that they’ll be there to support you every step of the way!


  • Limited set fields: Some fields are not customizable, which can confuse new employees.
  • Limited reports: The reports in Zendesk are not as good as other tools’ reports.
  • Customer service representatives are not very responsive and attentive: Customers may have to wait longer than necessary for customer service representatives to respond to their queries.
  • Lack of business marketing options: It is suggested that more third-party app integrations be added to Zendesk to be used more effectively for business marketing purposes.


Zendesk offers a free 14-day trial, starting at $79/month for one user or team.


zoho logo 1

Zoho is a business management software company that offers a variety of platforms to help manage different business functions. Each forum has a suite of applications available for customers to choose from. The platform is designed to help customers manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. The company’s platform is helpful for companies looking to reduce their reliance on multiple third-party applications. They allow customers to run their businesses in a variety of ways. Operations teams use the platform to automate processes and increase velocity.


  1. Customers can manage their sales intelligence, marketing automation, and commerce track. Additionally, its IT platform has a password vault, ticketing app, and domain toolkit. And its productivity platform contains meeting tools, a scheduling calendar, and more.
  2. Because each product suite and app is available on multiple platforms, Zoho is an ideal choice for companies looking to reduce their reliance on numerous third-party applications to run their business.
  3. The CRM platform includes a real-time sales intelligence app that helps businesses track customer data.
  4. Customers can also use the Zoho CRM platform to securely manage their passwords and other sensitive information with the company’s password vault app.
  5. The productivity platform efficiently organizes your workday with its meeting tools and scheduling calendar apps.
  6. As one of the most comprehensive CRM platforms on the market, Zoho provides ease of use and flexibility for businesses of all sizes.
zoho features 1


  • The company offers six platforms: customer relationship management, finance, workplace productivity, HR, IT, and marketing.
  • Suites of applications available: Customers can choose from a suite of applications on the CRM platform for sales intelligence, marketing automation, and commerce track.
  • With its simple and intuitive interface, Zoho makes it easy to keep track of your contacts, leads, and sales activities.
  • Manage your contacts, leads, and sales activities quickly: Keep track of all your contact information in one place with Zoho CRM.
  • Easy to find information about your customers: Search your customer data quickly and easily with Zoho CRM’s powerful search feature.
  • Easily send marketing materials to customers: Send email campaigns or other forms of marketing content right from within Zoho CRM without having to leave the app!


  • Limited features: Zoho CRM has limited features when compared to other CRMs.
  • Challenging to use: The user interface is difficult to use and can confuse newcomers.
  • Crashes frequently: Zoho CRM often crashes, which can be frustrating for users.
  • The user interface is dated and needs improvement.
  • Limited support: The Zoho tool does not have a wide range of support options, which may make it challenging to solve specific issues.


The paid plan starts at $9.99 per user per month.


salesforce logo

Salesforce is a comprehensive software solution that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. The software includes many features to help companies to automate tasks and close more deals. Salesforce helps companies work together more efficiently as the most trusted CRM platform. Salesforce is one of the leading all-in-one business management software suites, with a suite that includes CRM, marketing automation, and analytics. Salesforce can be used by any size company and is priced by its number of users. Its CRM system allows companies to organize their leads, contacts, and accounts into one database. It also includes a social networking platform to connect with other users. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Intel, and General Electric use the software.


  1. It offers a wide range of features to help you manage your business better, including lead generation, marketing automation, and more.
  2. With Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to automate tasks and close more deals than ever.
  3. They have rich analytics capabilities, you’ll get deeper insights into your customer.
  4. You can find out more about Salesforce CRM by visiting its website or contacting its support team via phone or email.
salesforce features 1


  • You can track your progress easily: Keep tabs on your success with detailed reports that give you insights into what’s working and needs improvement.
  • The platform has many features: From lead management to customer relationship management (CRM), nothing is missing from the Salesforce CRM system!
  • The platform is highly extensible: Customers can do most configurations without coding, making it easy to manage and change your CRM goals.
  • You can integrate it with other systems: Whether using another software package or not, Salesforce has modules that allow integration with many different applications.


  • Limited usability: The user interface is not very easy to use, making it difficult for new users to get started.
  • Less functionality: Salesforce CRM has fewer features than other CRMs and may be insufficient for some businesses.
  • Limited features: Salesforce CRM is not as feature-rich as other CRMs.
  • Expensive: The price of a salesforce CRM can be high compared to other CRMs.


The price starts at $40 per month. There is a 30-day free trial available for all users. Marketing Hub, Service Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub are the solutions that are available with Salesforce CRM. They offer different pricing plans starting at $40 per month. There are also discounts on the purchase of multiple copies of Salesforce CRM.


pipedrive logo 1

Pipedrive is a cloud-based solution for sales growth. It has a CRM, pipeline management, and company dashboards to help businesses manage customer relationships. Pipedrive offers free and paid versions. They are a responsive sales management valuable system for sole proprietors and small businesses. The program is easy to use and has streamlined functionality. It integrates with Google Calendar for reminders and pop-ups. The program is perfect for companies who want a powerful business solution without learning complex software.


  1. This program is designed specifically for sole proprietors and small businesses, providing responsive sales management that’s easy to use and sleekly straightforward.
  2. Setting up accounts for first-time users only takes a few minutes, with all your sales-oriented project requirements quickly filled in afterward.
  3. Top it off with automated integration with Google Calendars for pop-up reminders at appropriate dates – and you have a fully-fledged third-party business solutions system.
  4. With its narrow-to-broad scope of features, Pipedrive CRM has something that will significantly help almost any business owner looking to improve their response time and increase their efficiency within the sales process.
pipedrive features 1


  • Highly responsive sales management system: With its numerous features and easy-to-use interface, Pipedrive makes managing your sales process a breeze.
  • Filling in all your requirements: No need to worry about missing any important information when setting up your account–Pipedrive has everything you need already included!
  • Quick and simple setup: Setting up an account with Pipedrive is fast and simple–you won’t have to spend hours on tedious paperwork like other CRM software options!
  • Sleek design language: The design of Pipedrive is elegant and professional, making it an attractive choice for business owners who want something stylish but functional in their CRM software arsenal


  • Limited scope: The extensive list of features has narrow-to-wide content, which may not be suitable for all users.
  • Limited functionality: does not have many of the features that other more popular business solutions systems have.
  • Limited integrations: it does not have many integrations, which makes it challenging to use with other software programs.
  • Not user-friendly: not very user-friendly, making it difficult for people to use it effectively.


It starts at $5 per month for individual users and can go up to $200 per month for a team of 10 users.


basecamp logo

Basecamp is a free online project management tool that offers a modern social media-like interface, making it easy to discuss new ideas or projects. It also provides reporting and performance metrics to show how well projects are doing. Basecamp is a popular tool for project management that has been refined over time to reduce complexity. Basecamp is easy to use and has helped millions of projects be completed successfully.


  1. This social media-like interface makes it easy for team members to collaborate and get work done.
  2. With features like message boards, in-app collaboration, reporting on project performance, and more, Basecamp makes it easy for you to keep your clients happy and your team organized.
  3. Keeping your clients happy is essential when running a successful business, and Basecamp makes it easy for you to do just that with its Reporting feature.
  4. With its separate dashboard, you can show your clients exactly what’s going on with each project without worrying about confusion or lost files (thanks to the secure cloud storage).
basecamp features


  • It’s free for teachers and students, making it an affordable option.
  • Team collaboration: With message boards and in-app collaboration, teams can easily discuss new projects or ideas.
  • Reporting on project performance: You can see your projects’ performance in separate dashboard reports.
  • Separate dashboard for clients: Have a different dashboard for showing to clients!
  • It’s affordable and comes with unlimited users, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes.


  • The interface is not very user-friendly: The interface of Basecamp is not very user-friendly, and it can be challenging to find what you’re looking for.
  • Limited team collaboration features: such as message boards and in-app collaboration.
  • The interface can be challenging to navigate: The interface of Basecamp can be difficult to navigate, making it hard to find what you’re looking for.
  • Expensive: The $99/month price is high compared to similar services.


It offers a subscription plan with unlimited users. The price for this plan is $99 per month.

monday com logo is a popular project management software that allows collaboration and focuses on tasks to complete more work. The software makes managing all aspects of your business fun and easy, from clients to projects to team workloads. One of the key benefits of using is the increased velocity that a DevOps model can provide. This means that your team can work more quickly and efficiently on tasks, leading to better results for your business.


  1. With its easy-to-use interface, robust project management features, and wide range of tools, this software can help you get more done at work.
  2. Monday is perfect for managing all parts of your business. You can create structures to plan your workload and manage your projects, clients, and more. It also makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate on projects.
  3. Monday has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to navigate through the various features the software offers. Plus, its Project Management features make it perfect for managing complex projects.
monday com features


  • Engaging content: From funny videos to exciting articles, Monday’s content lineup will keep you entertained all day long!
  • Lots of options: There are many different options regarding what you can read on Monday – from funny memes to informative articles about various topics… there’s something for everyone!
  • Well-established site: Monday has been around since 1999, so you can be sure it’s got some serious weight behind it!
  • Filters your data: The software has filters that effectively reduce the required details swiftly and seamlessly.
  • You’ll be able to automate your day: With, you’ll be able to automate tasks so that they’re completed automatically, saving you even more time in the long run.


  • Expensive: The software costs $49 per month for premium access or $29 per month for standard access.
  • Challenging to use: The user interface of the software is difficult to navigate and may be confusing for some users.
  • only has a limited amount of content, which can be frustrating for users.
  • Little variety: lacks a sort in its articles, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for.
  • Challenging to work with notes: It is difficult to work with notes because it takes a while to figure out how to do it, and then coming back to them is difficult.

Pricing offers a free trial with ten projects. The paid subscription starts at $69 per month for up to five users.


convertkit logo

Convertkit is one of the top 15 business management software suites for 2022. This program offers a simple, intuitive interface that can be used on any device at anytime. Convertkit helps automate sending and receiving emails, which can be an overwhelming task for a busy small business.

This software also comes with detailed reports that help you understand your customer base better so that you can tailor your marketing campaigns to their needs. Convertkit is a complete email solution for small businesses that can send and receive messages, track open rates, automate tasks, and segment customers. The software also offers a full suite of integrations with other popular tools, including Zapier and Slack. These integrations can be used to automate your business processes even further and make your business run more efficiently.


  1. With Convertkit, you’ll get access to a wide range of ready-to-use templates that are perfect for all business needs.
  2. You can use these templates to convert any type of document, including proposals, contracts, and invoices.
  3. The conversion process is simple, so you’ll be able to get your documents converted quickly and easily.
  4. Your files will be fully compatible with most word processors and office software applications, so you can be sure they’ll look great when finished.
convertkit features


  • Convertkit is quick and easy to use: With Convertkit, converting your documents can be done quickly and easily.
  • You’ll save time with our templates: Our templates are designed specifically for marketing materials such as proposals, contracts, and invoices – making it easy to create custom content without extra work.
  • Trustworthy writers: They have years of experience in the marketing industry, so you can be sure your content will be expertly converted.
  • Convertkit is affordable: Whether you’re looking for a free trial or want to subscribe to monthly or yearly plans, we have options that fit your needs budget-wise.


  • Limited customization options: You cannot customize the templates very much, which makes them less versatile.
  • Requires knowledge of design and formatting: To use these templates effectively, you must know about structure and composition.
  • Requires a lot of upfront work: To use Convertkit, you must create a conversion funnel and track your conversions.
  • Limited features: While Convertkit has various features, it is limited compared to other available tools.
  • Requires an investment: Converting with Convertkit requires an upfront investment of time and money.


The software costs $99 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial, which is excellent for small businesses looking to test the solution before committing to it.

What is Business Management Software?

Business management software is a software application that helps businesses to use their resources more effectively. It ensures accuracy and dynamism in managing the company’s finances and human resources. Different variants of business management software are available in the market, each offering additional features and benefits.

What are the Different Types of Business Management Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer relationship management software is a business management software that helps companies keep track of customer information, such as contact and product history. CRM software can help companies to track their sales pipeline, automate marketing, and provide customer support through multiple communication channels.

CRM applications may also be used to analyze the data to provide insights that may improve customer engagement and loyalty to the company.

Human Resources (HR) Software

Human resources software, or HR software, helps businesses manage their employees. The software can help with various tasks, from automating simple tasks to unifying software projects and managing collaboration. HR software can also help businesses manage their finances by keeping track of accounting data.

Accounting Software

Accounting software provides businesses with a suite of features for managing finances. Time tracking lets companies monitor the time their team is spending on tasks and bill their clients accordingly. FreshBooks facilitates project management through features such as an elaborate project tracking system. Accounting software offers centralized file storage, team chat, and project assignment. These features help businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a tool that businesses use to keep track of their inventory. Keeping track of a business’s inventory as it expands can be challenging, but inventory management software can help make it easier. Inflow is an excellent choice for medium and small businesses that need a quick response tool for warehousing-related information.

Project Management Software

Project management software is a type of business management software that helps businesses manage project deadlines and resources more effectively. The top project management tools in 2024 include database management, CRM employee performance management, workflow, and requirements management tools. Project managers may find the tools helpful: test management, business analysis, and requirements management tools.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software helps businesses manage their marketing and sales processes more efficiently. It offers a wide range of features to suit every need, tracking everything from website traffic and leads to more detailed CRM and sales management systems.

Marketing automation software lets businesses automate email campaigns, content writing, and SEO management tasks. The software provides a single platform for faster workflows than ever before. Hubspot’s tools help you create effective marketing campaigns and reach your target audience at the right time.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ERP software is a comprehensive system that helps businesses manage their entire business. It can be used to track inventory, customers, sales, and much more. ERP systems can be slow and difficult to use, making it difficult for companies to see a return on investment. However, our strategic business management software makes ERP more effective and efficient, reducing the need for support in the event of problems.

How Can Business Management Software Help My Small Business?

  1. These software applications are accurate and dynamic: They eliminate the chance of errors and provide a way to measure regular productivity.
  2. Business management software is suitable for all businesses: Whether you have a small or large business, this software will be perfect for you!
  3. You can choose from many different versions: There are many different versions of business management software available in the market to suit your needs.
  4. Intro hook: What business management software is best for your small business? Check out this article to learn more about the different options available and the benefits they may offer.
  5. Business management software can help you reach heights: Many software options help businesses manage their data, events, and processes more effectively and efficiently.
  6. Choosing the right business management software is essential for success: Any small business will struggle to achieve great things without the proper toolset.

How Do I Choose the Right Business Management Solution for My Needs?

When choosing a business management solution for your needs, there is much to consider. You need to evaluate the features offered by different software and choose the one that best suits your needs. Consider your business’s needs and ensure your chosen software has all the needed parts.


Choosing a suitable business management software suite is essential for the success of your business. We hope our top 9 picks for 2024 help you narrow down your options and find the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t forget to sign up for the best Business Management Software to get started!

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