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Cold Outreach 

AI Prompts

7+ cold outreach AI prompts that you can copy/paste to create better messages

In this AI Prompts guide...

We're going to provide you with a list of copy/paste prompts you can use and all of the reasons why we use them in our cold outreach campaign creation. 🤖  

Have you ever asked...

Why do my outputs suck?

AI still isn't great at writing cold outreach messages out of the box.

What prompts should I use?

We'll show you the exact prompts we use to get powerful outputs.

Why aren't people responding?

We'll show you how to optimize your AI inputs to get better outputs.

Stop getting fluff from AI.

Use these prompts instead.

These are the exact AI prompts we use when running cold outreach campaigns for clients. If something better comes along, we'll update these prompts immediately.